A chicken run is for predator protection. Chickens can go outside without being attacked or  injured. Predators for chickens include coyotes, fisher cats, raccoons, neighborhood dogs, rats, bobcats, etc. Our chicken runs can  fasten securely to a chicken coop or be a stand alone run. Each run has an easy open & close hand made handle. The run is made with 1/4" wire mesh with 2x3 or 2x4 lumber.  The wood portion of each run can be stained or painted to match the coop. All of our chicken runs are fenced in on the bottom as well. Lots of predators will dig under a fence to get a chicken. Alternative options include covered runs, wheels for easy mobility and extra access doors. Additional custom run sizes available please contact us for a quote. 

Sizes available but not limited to:

2'H x 2'W x 4'L 
2'H x 3'W x 4'L 
2'H x 3'W x 6'L 

3'H x 3'W x 4'L 
3'H x 3'W x 6'L 
3'H x 3'W x 8'L 
  3'H x 3'W x 10'L 

4'H x 4'W x 4'L
4'H x 4'W x 6'L
4'H x 4'W x 8'L
 4'H x 4'W x 10'L

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Clark Farm new style of predator proof chicken runs are especially relevant in the Northeast so chickens can have some extra covered space out of the harsh weather. No unnecessary shoveling the chickens out or worrying about rain or bad weather. Keeping chickens safe and giving them plenty of room is the exact function of this product. The roof style matches our Salt Box Coop. The run is 6' Tall and can be customized to suit your needs on length and width. As always run colors and shingle colors are customizable. 
Salt Box Walk In Covered Chicken Run 
Check out our new Predator Proof Walk In Salt Box Style Chicken Run!