Ever wondered what it would be like to have chickens that lay eggs but were afraid to make the commitment? Now here at Clark Farm you can rent a coop with egg laying hens to try it out in advance of buying a coop or birds. Our rental coop season is from March through November. Renting a coop is like having the chickens without the responsibility of caring for the birds over harsh winters. From us you will have all the supplies needed to care for the birds while they are with you. All you have to do is collect the eggs! You get the chickens in the best months of the year! 

We offer an interesting alternative to purchasing a coop and chickens right away. Why not rent first and see if caring for chickens is something you would like to do in the long run? Our rental coops are predator proof with attached chicken runs. The coop is also on wheels and can be moved to give the birds access to fresh grass throughout their stay with you. Another great alternative is if you are raising chickens and don't have a coop built yet you can rent a coop until yours is completed. 

If you are interested in renting a coop please fill out our rental form below and agree to the terms and conditions. We require first rental month plus delivery and pick up fees as a non-refundable deposit to hold a rental coop until pick up or delivery. An additional security deposit is also required when reserving for an extended period of time or distance from our farm. 

Here is how it works we have two packages: 

Package A:
Rental Coop 
1-2 egg laying hens
1 bag of chicken feed per rental month
1 Chicken Feeder
1 Chicken Water Container
1 Bag of Pine Shavings
Set of Chicken Care Instructions

Package B:
Rental Coop 
3-4 egg laying hens 
2 bags of chicken feed per rental month
1 Chicken Feeder
1 Chicken Water Container
1 Bag of Pine Shavings
Set of Chicken Care Instructions

​**Additional Options to packages listed above
Additional Hens
Egg Recipe Cookbook
Bag of Treats for the Hens

If you decide you like the rental coop and birds (which it wouldn't surprise us if you do) you can then go ahead and purchase the rental chicken coop or upgrade to a new larger model coop. Also you can keep your rental birds with the option of adding more birds. 

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Clark Farm Rental Pricing
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