You can dry clean your wool blanket or wash at home following these simple instructions: Fill your top loading washing machine with lukewarm water and mild detergent (Woolite is good). Push the blanket into the water and let soak for about 20 minutes - DO NOT AGITATE THE WATER AS THIS WILL RUIN YOUR BLANKET - Drain and spin the blanket in the machine, them remove the blanket. Fill the washer with clear lukewarm water WHICH IS EXACTLY THE SAME TEMPERATURE AS THE WATER YOU USED TO WASH THE BLANKET. Push the blanket back in, and let soak for another 10 minutes. Drain and spin. Remove the blanket and air dry - DO NOT PUT THE BLANKET IN THE DRYER.

Why you cannot use a front-loading machine Wool felts when it is wet and rubbed together. Agitating the water in a top loader or washing in a front loading machine will cause the wool to felt and will destroy your blanket.

Why the wash water and rinse water has to be the same temperature. Changing the temperature of the water is another way to felt your blanket.

We recommend dry cleaning for the larger blankets. Washing is better for the baby and throw sizes. Many people do not wash their blankets as they prefer to put one sheet under the blanket and another sheet over the blanket on their beds which will keep the blankets clean. The blankets are aired by hanging them on a line outdoors each spring.

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The greatest gift idea! Made from all CT wool and made in the USA.  

To produce the blankets, the fleeces from each sheep are sheared, skirted, and cleaned individually at each farm that belongs to the Connecticut Sheep Breeders Association. All the wool is inspected at the University of Connecticut livestock barn, and if the wool is acceptable, it is weighed and packed into tall plastic bags for shipping by a dedicated group of volunteers. The wool is then shipped out for scouring (cleaning) and then yarn is spun, the blankets are woven, fulled, napped, and cut in seven sizes from baby blankets to king size.

The blankets are available in baby 45 x 45, throw 45 x 60, long throw 45 x 72, twin 72 x 90, full 80 x 90, queen 90 x 90, and king 106 x 90. Each blanket comes with a Connecticut Blanket label and is packed in a zippered plastic bag with a numbered certificate listing the farms. A different balanced pattern of dark and light natural colored wool is chosen each year. Customers not only buy blankets for their own beds, but also buy them for gifts for weddings, birthdays, graduations, showers, retirement, boats, cottages, housewarmings, or stadium. Many blankets are bought for friends or relatives who no longer live in Connecticut. 

To order a blanket please fill out the form below. Please note blankets are available for pick up from our farm in November and limited quantaties are available. 
Sizes & Prices 

Baby 45x45 $60.00
Long Throw 45x75 $80.00
Twin 72x90 $120.00
Full 80x90 $140.00
Queen 90x90 $160.00
King 106x90 $ 200.00
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